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Low maintenance, durability and increased home value are only a few of the benefits of wood floors compared to carpet.  Take a look at this comparison:

Wood Floor Carpet
Only install wood floor once, lasts a lifetime Wears out as years go by, sooner in high traffic areas
Easy clean up and maintenance, sweeping and mopping the extent of cleaning Stains with spills, requires professional cleaning, needs replacing
Great for kids and pets, recommended by health officials & ecologically friendly Hair can cling to carpet, creates problems for asthma, stain & dirt issues
Adds value to home, often twice what was paid for the floor, unique & adds style Adds no value to home, unless replaced when selling
Affordable when looked at overall price of installation and maintenance Costs more through replacement, cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a wood floor be used in kitchens?

Yes! Most people have wood floors installed in their kitchens. We specialize in replacing the kitchen floor you currently have in your home, whether it’s carpet or linoleum or ceramic tile.

How long do I have to stay off my floor?

The typical time span for our services is 5-7 days for installation, 4-6 days for refinishing, and one day for a recoat. After each coat of finish we prefer no one walks on it for about 2-6 hours, depending on the type of finish used. Once the job is finished, please wait 2-3 days to move furniture back, and up to 2 weeks to place down any area rugs while the product is completely cured.

Choosing a pre-finished floor eliminates any need to stay off the floor. Compare a pre-finished to an unfinished installation:

Custom Installation Pre-Finished Installation
Allows you to pick and match stain color No smell of polyurethane and very little dust
5-7 day process, must stay off and wait for finish to dry for several hours with a two-week cure period Immediate access to floor, no waiting for finish to dry, no cure period
Available in a variety of widths and species Available in a variety of widths and species
Offers a more unique look, lets you make it your own personal floor that no one else has Variety of colors to choose from
Smooth, even finish over whole floor, no bevel Has slight bevel between each piece

What is the difference between refinishing and a recoat?

Refinishing is a longer process in which the existing finish is sanded down to the bare wood and then 3-4 coats of finish are applied. This is recommended if it has been more than 10-15 years since the floors have had any work or for people who are pulling up carpet to find existing wood floors. In most cases, refinishing will be required.

A recoat is a simple, one day process in which we buff the top coat of finish and apply a new one. If this is done every 4-5 years, it can avoid doing refinishing work, and is far less costly.

How much does a wood floor cost?

For installation of a wood floor it is about $11.50 to $14.50 PER SQUARE FOOT. Price varies on type of wood and finishes used, and if it is pre-finished or unfinished.

For refinishing, we charge about $3.95 to $4.45 per square foot. This is competitive with anyone in the area for the high quality of work we provide. Prices are determined by size and complexity of job and type of finish used.

For a recoat the cost is based on the area and time spent. A typical recoat is $250- $500 depending on the size. This is just an average, and may be more for large areas, such as a whole floor of a house.

How much of a mess is refinishing?

Thanks to the latest technology and equipment, it’s 90% dust free. There is no plastic to hang. All machines are hooked up to an external vacuum. All in all, the process is cleaner and neater than it has ever been.

Should I use oil, hybrid or water-based finish on my floor?

Oil-modified polyurethane has been the standard of the industry for 40 years. It always has been – and still is – a very good finish, both in durability and in its ease of recoating. However, it is a solvent-based finish with considerable odor that can linger mildly for several days. It also takes at least 4-6 hours to dry depending on humidity and temperature.

Hybrid polyurethane and water-based polyurethane are the other options. Hybrid is just as the name implies – a combination of oil and water-based technologies. Water-based finishes are pure water-based technology. Their characteristics are similar, and they both dry in only two to three hours. They have little or no residual odor and, in the case of water-based finishes, are actually more durable than oil. Both have much lower VOC emissions than oil. Mark David Floors will help you choose the product best suited to your needs.